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What is monavie?

Monavie is a products feature an exclusive blend of the acai berry, found in remote regions of the Amazon, and other body-beneficial fruits. MonaVie is designed to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

What is Monavie Pluse?
  • Helps you take charge of your well being by providing essential goodness for your body.
  • Designed for easy absorption.
  • A refreshing addition to a varied and well rounded diet, which is an important part of a balanced lifestyle.
  • Freeze-dried açai preserves the value of the berry.

What good about Monavie?
  • Supports your body with the goodness of the Amazon.
  • Designed for those who want a convenient way to add a variety of fruits to their daily diets.
  • Contains açai, one of nature's prized possessions.
  • Can be enjoyed at any age—young and old.
  • An intelligent choice for those with a busy lifestyle.

Fruit found in monavie

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What is Açai berry?

Açai berry as a key food source. Historically, the açai berry has been a vital part of the culture among indigenous tribes. Açai palm trees grow mostly in floodplains. Due to frequent flooding and intense exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, açai trees are constantly subjected to oxidative stress. The highly adaptive açai palm trees have flourished in these extreme conditions to produce an extraordinary fruit that stands out in the world of fruits.

Açai berry

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